Yonder: The Cloud Chronicles Launching on Nintendo Switch “Soon”

Yonder: The Cloud Chronicles, the gorgeous and eye catching looking adventure game that was previously released on PC and PlayStation 4, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, developer Prideful Sloth has announced today.

The Switch version of the game will have an exclusive photo mode, which should work well with its social media sharing capabilities. It will also be made available at both, retail and for the Nintendo eShop. interestingly, the eShop version will be cheaper in this case, coming in at $30 USD, while the physical version is $40 USD. I assume the costs of cartridges is coming into play here again.

You can watch the announcement trailer for the Switch version of the game for yourself below- it’s the kind of game that Nintendo audiences should really appreciate. If you haven’t played Yonder yet, maybe the Switch version is your chance to jump in. Or you can just go pick up the PS4 and PC versions, which are already out.

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