Xbox Brings Back Iconic “Jump In” Slogan With New Marketing Campaign

Folks probably remember the iconic “Jump In” marketing slogan Microsoft used for the Xbox 360 in the heyday of that console’s dominance, and especially early on in the system’s lifespan. Sadly, over time, “Jump In” was abandoned in favor of other slogans. Now, Microsoft is bringing it back.

Microsoft is launching a new global ad campaign which will use the “Jump in” branding, and, per Microsoft, feature “[their] community and [their] beloved game worlds and characters all converging together”. There will be four ads—Jumping, Racing, Friends, and Everyone—with Jumping being the first one of those, which you can see the teaser for below.

It’s interesting to see Microsoft bring back the ad campaign that arguably was at the zenith of their popularity with the mainstream and the gaming audiences back—I think it has a certain weight to it, on par with Sega bringing back the Sega Scream during the Dreamcast era, and is right in line with Microsoft wanting to earn its fans back. Hopefully, this return of the Jump In campaign also signifies that Microsoft is hedging for an Xbox 360 style resurgence in the coming years.

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