X019 To Have Rare And Obsidian’s New IPs, Release Dates For Announced Titles – Rumor

Microsoft is hoping to make their X019 conference a pretty big one, presumably something they will hope to emulate on a yearly basis. The company has made a lot of big promises for the show, with plenty of games, games and more games with the biggest Inside Xbox yet, along with major news for xCloud and Game Pass. And it seems they are planning to back it up, if new leaks are to be believed.

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad posted on Twitter about the show, saying that new IPs from both Rare and Obsidian will be featured. Not only will there be those big new announcements, but other games that’s already been revealed like Bleeding Edge, Wasteland 3 and Minecraft Dungeons, all of which will come in 2020.

Like all leaks, we file this under rumor, but this source tends to have a fairly decent track record. The event will begin tomorrow, so we’ll know soon and keep you updated.

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