Unannounced Nicalis PS4, PS Vita physical games illegally sold on eBay

Certain unannounced PlayStation 4 and PS Vita physical games published by Nicalis, including 1001 Spikes for PlayStation 4 and VVVVVV for PS Vita, have been illegally sold on eBay, Nicalis reported.

“If you’ve bought a Nicalis PS4 or PS Vita game with a hole-punched UPC barcode, it’s a promo copy that is being illegally sold,” Nicalis said. “These hole-punched samples are provided to Sony as a courtesy for its employees and are not meant for sale.”

Nicalis continued, “Promo copies are not covered by a warranty, nor do they include the bonus goodies that you love so much. Please note these are unlimited runs. DO NOT get ripped off by overpaying for a promo copy without a warranty on eBay or from another seller. Look forward to the official versions of these games when they are sold legally through the upcoming Nicalis online store.”

Stay tuned.

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