The King Of Fighters XIII Headlines New Batch Of Backward Compatible Games On Xbox One

Microsoft continues on its crusade to make as many Xbox 360 games as is possible playable on the Xbox One (though to be fair, it’s a feature that has been very successful for them). A new batch of Xbox 360 games has been made playable on their new console via backward compatibility, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb announced on his Twitter account today.

Well, I say a new batch, but it’s really only two games. Both of these games are relatively “smaller” in terms of appeal and popularity, but they do have a lot of dedicated fans that I am sure will be happy with their being added to the backward compatibility program.

The games in question are The King of Fighters XIII and Orcs Must Die!. They’re both available on the program starting today, digitally as well as via their disc versions. Fighting game aficionados will probably be really happy with The King of Fighters, especially if it gets the kind of enhancements and boosts that Xbox 360 games usually do when they are running on the Xbox One. 

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