Star Wars Battlefront 2 Refund Option Hasn’t Been Disabled, EA Confirms

There has been an utter storm and backlash of opinion brewing against Star Wars Battlefront 2, and EA and DICE, over the last day or so. The problem began when people began protesting the game’s egregious monetization, that EA then responded to by going back and reducing in game costs for- only for players to discover that they also reduced in game payouts by an equal amount, so it all came to the same in the end.

Fed up, players began to take to Origin en masse to request refunds for the game- at which point, another rumor began to circulate. The rumor that EA had removed the ‘refund’ option from within Origin entirely, making it harder for players to request one for the game. This was, obviously, not a good look for EA.

However, posting on Reddit, EA has confirmed this particular rumor, at least, is false, and not on them- it comes down to how Origin functions. A self service refund option is available on pre-orders as long as they have not been charged- if they have been charged, you have to go through customer service.

So… EA is still scummy. Just not in this particular instance. Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches this Friday for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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