Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Next Challenge Tomb Arrives in November

Square Enix’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider garnered some pretty strong acclaim for its Challenge Tombs. The publisher was seemingly prepared beforehand for that response as its post-launch DLC will include new Challenge Tombs. The first DLC pack brings The Forge, a tomb filled with lava where players must ascend a tower of sorts.

It’s not quite that easy though. Other hazards include volatile gas vents, various pitfalls and the aforementioned lava. It’s worth noting that The Forge can be played in co-op with Abby available as a second character. Five of the seven Challenge Tombs will have co-op characters with different side missions and they can all be played in Time Attack or Score Attack.

The Forge will be available for $5 on November 13th but is included with $30 Season Pass. Though the first six DLC packs can be purchased separately, you’ll need the Season Pass to access the seventh tomb.What are your thoughts on the Challenge Tombs? Let us know below.

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