Red Dead Online’s New Showdown Mode “Spoils of War” is Live

Fancy an assault/defense match with up to 16 players on the frontier? Red Dead Online’s newest Showdown mode, Spoils of War, should provide just that. It tasks you with raiding the enemy team’s stockpile while trying to protect your own.

Whoever has the most loot at the end of the match wins. Defense is as important as offense – after all, if no one is around to guard your stockpile, it’s an easy victory for the other team. Showdown supports a number of locations including Fort Mercer and Valentine. Even better is that all Showdown modes have a 20 percent XP bonus for the week (with a single win earning eight Dynamite Arrows as a reward).

Red Dead Online has had some substantial updates over the past few weeks. Daily Challenges and Bounty Hunters were added along with a new Rare Shotgun. Players can also partake in a new free roam event called “Fool’s Gold” while picking up the Evans Repeater, another new weapon.

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