Overcooked! Free Now On Epic Games Store With Torchlight Coming Next


Not a week goes by, it seems, without there being something controversial happening in regards to the Epic Games Store. It is what it is, and whether not you think it’s good or not is a debate we’ll continue to see unfold. That’s why it’s nice to return to a topic that is a little less charged with free games. This week’s free game on the storefront is Overcooked!

Overcooked! is a fast-paced cooking game with a co-op option. You must cook food, manage ingredients and get satisfied customers all within a certain time limit. While it sounds like a simple premise, much like the real restaurant business, challenges await. It’s all wrapped up in a cute chibi art style as well. If you enjoy the game, the sequel is also available to purchase.

Overcooked! will be free on the Epic Games Store and can be redeemed until July 11th, when it will be replaced by the RPG Torchlight from Runic Games.

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