Our World is Ended for PS4 and Switch launches February 28, 2019 in Japan

5pb. will release the PlayStation 4 and Switch versions of Our World is Ended in Japan as Judgement 7: Our World is Ended on February 28, 2019, the company announced. The PlayStation 4 version will be available both physically and digitally, while the Switch version only be available digitally. It will cost 7,800 yen at retail and 7,000 yen via download.

Our World is Ended first launched for PS Vita in November 2017 in Japan. This new version includes 30 percent more volume throughout the entire story compared to the original release via about two million Japanese characters of text, a post-game scenario featuring new character(s) equivalent in volume to about five chapters of the main story, new event CGs for both the additional scenario and main story, and quality of life features such as backlog jump and a branch tree that displays a visualization of your choices.

In North America and Europe, publisher PQube will release this same version of the game for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC in 2019.

Thanks, @Renka_schedule and Biccamera.

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