NHL 19, Rivals of Aether, Portal And Earth Defense Force 2017 Head To Xbox Games For Gold In June


Time is flying by, and we’re already nearly at June, and with that comes the next turnover for subscription services and new free games for players. We got a peek yesterday at Sony’s offering for their PS Plus members, and now we see what Microsoft is offering up for their Gold subscribers this month, and looks like there’s a good deal of variety.

The headlining game is EA’s NHL 19, the latest entry in the annual hockey series, and it will be available all month long from June 1-30. Along with it is the classic Portal, the physics based puzzler, which will available June 1-15.

While those are the major titles, as always there’s four total titles with the service, with one being Rivals of Aether, a Smash Bros. inspired fighting game with several high profile indie guest stars like Shovel Knight that will be free June 16-July 15. Finally, Earth Defense Force 2017, an entry in the alien invasion themed shooter series, will be available June 16-30.

The games will available for free to Gold subscribers starting at the beginning of June.

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