More Xbox 360 Titles Will Receive Xbox One X Enhancements

While it isn’t even close to market leader this generation, Microsoft does have one pretty strong advantage that it alone can claim among consoles currently on the market: backwards compatibility. Xbox fans can enjoy select titles from past generations of Xbox on their latest console, and even a select few titles from the Xbox 360 era have received Xbox One X related enhancements.

It had been quite a while since we’ve heard of any such enhancements, even though Microsoft has continued to introduce 360 titles to the Backward Compatibility library. November 2017 introduced enhancements to Gears of War 3, Skate 3 and Mirror’s Edge, which gave a library of 7 Xbox 360 titles that took advantage of the power of X. We still don’t know which, but a new Tweet from Microsoft’s Albert Penello lets us know that Microsoft hasn’t given up on the feature.

Stick to Gamingbolt to know what those games are when they’re announced.

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