Monster Hunter XX 3DS and Switch Versions Compared In New Videos

While the future of the mainline Monster Hunter franchise rests on Monster Hunter World, which is hitting the Xbox One, PS4, and PC early next year, the Switch is still getting Monster Hunter XX, an upgraded version of the (presumably) last Monster Hunter title to hit the Nintendo 3DS.

Monster Hunter XX is a 3DS game at its core, and nothing can change that. So while it is coming to the Switch, its roots very much lie on Nintendo’s last gen handheld. That said, it is a bit surprising how much better the visual quality of the Switch game appears to be when compared with the 3DS version, as demonstrated in these new videos that you can see for yourself below.

I suppose that’s what having a decent screen and resolution – the Switch screen is 6.2 inches and 720p, versus the 3DS’s 240p screen – will do for visual quality. Monster Hunter XX will launch on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. A western release for the game has been ruled out for now.

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