Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Video Highlights the Franchise’s Evolution

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise, Capcom has released a special video highlighting all of the series’ titles over the years. It starts from Monster Hunter, which hit the PS2 in 2004, all the way up to Monster Hunter XX in 2017 and Monster Hunter World in 2018 (with the Iceborne expansion coming this year). Check it out below.

It’s interesting to see the franchise’s evolution. New iconic monsters are introduced, the graphics are massively improved and several new gameplay mechanics (like Monster Hunter Tri’s underwater combat) are introduced. However, the core gameplay of hunting monsters and mastering different weapon types as you scrounge up materials and resources for better gear remains the same.

Monster Hunter World has at least one major free update coming with Arch-Tempered Nergigante this Spring. Iceborne will be releasing in Fall 2019 and includes new gear, new moves, a new region with several locales to explore and of course, new monsters. It’s coming to Xbox One and PS4 first with a PC release happening later.

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