Injustice 2 Headlines This Week’s Deals With Gold

injustice 2

Xbox’s weekly Deals with Gold, which discounts several popular games across Xbox 360 and Xbox One, is especially notable this week, because a new, extremely popular and successful game has been put up for discount- the perfect cure for the Summer doldrums.

That new game is Injustice 2, Nether Realms and Warner Bros.’ follow up to their hit DC themed fighter from the previous generation, that won wide accolades and sales worldwide for being one of the most impressive and feature rich fighters we had had in a very long time. It’s available for 20% off.

But hey, other notable games are on sale too, with much heftier discounts at that- Final Fantasy 15, Fallout 4, Titanfall 2, and Prey are all games available on discount at up to 50% price cuts- and this is just the Xbox One games. Xbox 360 games on offer include Far Cry 4 and Bioshock Infinite, among other things, and even heftier discounts. Make sure to check out the full list.

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