Hidden Dragon: Legend ‘Weapons Montage’ trailer

Oasis Games has released a new trailer for Hidden Dragon: Legend showcasing the weapons players will employ in the China-set 2.5D action platformer.

The player character can equip over a dozen different blade weapons, from a basic sword to enchanted blaes powered by elemental and divine forces.

Players will start the game with the “Rusted Iron Sword,” but will gain elemental weapons such as the “Shattered Cloud” (a blade infused with the power of wind) or “Tiger Tooth” (a sword inlaid with a row of tiger teeth that can cut into bone). Other, even more powerful weapons that can be unlocked include the “Hidden Dragon” (a sword forged from the remains of the mighty artifact, Dragon Cauldron), or quick-striking daggers such as the poison-dealing “Blood Drainer” and water-based “Storm Breaker.”

Here’s an overview of the game, via Oasis Games:

Set in ancient China, Hidden Dragon: Legend challenges players to battle an array of fierce foes, jump and grapple to avoid obstacles and enemies, build their character through a deep, RPG-style skill tree and solve puzzles in the heat of battle. Players will utilize all their skills while engaging in hack and slash combat, unleashing stunning combos and performing gravity-defying acrobatics. To succeed in the game, players will navigate their way through tough enemies, powerful bosses and Metroidvania-style puzzles while building and customizing their fighter for their preferred style through an extensive skill tree.

In the game world, competing factions vie to obtain a powerful object called the Dragon Cauldron, which grants inhuman powers at the cost of sanity and reason. When the player character finds he has been put under the spell of the Dragon Cauldron by a dark faction, making him a mere puppet forced to kill, he ventures forth to settle the score. Are you ready to take weapon in hand, face the denizens of darkness and write your own heroic tale in Hidden Dragon: Legend?

Hidden Dragon: Legend will launch for PlayStation 4 in Q3 2017 for $19.99.

Watch the trailer below.

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