Heat Signature, The Quirky Space Rogue-Lite From Gunpoint Dev, Out on September 21st

Heat Signature

Ever wondered what Suspicious Developments, the studio behind Gunpoint, has been up in the last few years? It’s been working on a rogue-lite title with space elements and murder called Heat Signature that’s out on September 21st. Check out the trailer below to see it in action.

Heat Signature seems fairly straightforward – you can choose from several randomly generated characters, each with their own unique end mission to battle towards. Your mission is usually to break into a spaceship, complete your mission – which involves stealing something, rescuing someone, capturing or even killing a target – and escape.

The emergent gameplay with various gadgets and randomly generated missions pushes players to think of creative ways to complete the objective while escaping. For instance, you can trigger an explosion to break the glass windows, shoot into space and guide your ship to pick you up. Let’s not forget the “lovely spacey music” the game also boasts.

To learn more about Heat Signature, head over to the official Steam listing for more information.

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