Frostpunk: The Fall of Winterhome Arrives on September 19th

11 bit Studios’ awesome survival city builder Frostpunk will be receiving a brand new scenario on September 19th. The Fall of Winterhome promises hours of new story content along with a “fresh take” on the game’s mechanics. There is a new map and lore, particularly pertaining to the town of Winterhome and how it came to fall. Check out the teasers below to get appropriately hyped.

Frostpunk offered quite the experience when it first launched, presenting a dystopian future of endless snowfall. Players set out to establish a new city using a steam-powered reactor to keep people warm. Over time, one has to manage their resources and enact different laws, prioritizing survival while also maintaining Hope.

Thus far, 11 bit Studios has added Survivor Mode, which brings a tougher difficulty setting and ability to name citizens and automatons. Endurance Mode, which functions as an endless sandbox mode, is also in the works and should be coming sometime this year.

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