DragonBall FighterZ Switch Version File Size Revealed

Bandai Namco has confirmed via the game’s eShop page that the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of DragonBall FighterZ will be 6.2GB. This is actually interesting, because the PS4 version of the game was at under 5GB, which makes this one of the rare instances where the Switch version comes in at a bigger file size.

Part of that might have to do with just how many languages are being supported by the Switch version of the game—according to Bandai Namco, Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, and Chinese will all be supported by the game. That, plus the fact that it has all the content that has been released for the game so far right out of the box, can probably explain the discrepancy a bit here.

6.2GB isn’t actually a whole lot, especially for players who have supplemented their Switch storage with an SD card (or if you are buying the physical version, in which case you don’t have to install the game at all). DragonBall FighterZ launches on the Switch on September 28.

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