Destiny 2 – Next Hotfix Will Fix EDZ Obelisk, Eververse Notification

Destiny 2 - Devil's Ruin

Destiny 2 players annoyed with the Obelisk in the European Dead Zone not working or the constantly blinking Eververse notification from orbit can take heart. In its recent weekly blog, Bungie revealed that hotfix would be going live next week to address both issues. Maintenance will take place on January 14th at 8 AM PST and will conclude at 12 PM PST.

Unfortunately, it seems that the issue affecting Wormgod Caress – which allowed for much higher than intended melee damage past its time limit – won’t be fixed. The Exotic is currently disabled across both Armor 1.0 and 2.0 and will remain unusable until Bungie deploys a fix. Said fix will come at a “later date.”

Earlier this week, Bungie deployed a new Exotic Quest to earn the Devil’s Ruin sidearm and Legendary difficulty for the Sundial. Even more content will be coming up for the Season of Dawn including the Empyrean Foundation, Bastion Exotic Quest and Crimson Days. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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