Destiny 2: Forsaken Failed To Meet Internal Expectations, Activision Admits

Destiny 2 was a bit of a mess at launch, but much like with the original Destiny and The Taken King, Forsaken, which launched a few months ago, ended up addressing most of those flaws, and overhauling the game into a condition that most fans still playing the game are actually very happy with.

In spite of that, however, it looks like Bungie and Destiny may have burned away too much of their goodwill. In their financial statement today, Activision admitted (via Destiny 2 News) that Destiny 2: Forsaken has not met their internal sales expectations, committing to continue exploring more ways to expand the game’s reach.

The question here is what those ways will end up being—Destiny 2, for example, was a clear attempt to dilute the Destiny experience and get more people into the game, and it’s widely reviled as the low point of a franchise with a great many low points. One can only hope that Activision and Bungie won’t pull off a stunt that will piss off fans again.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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