de Blob Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year

de Blob Remastered, the enhanced re-release of THQ’s well received Wii game, will be hitting the Nintendo Switch later this year, THQ Nordic has announced. The game, which launched on the Wii almost ten years ago, released first on PC, and then on Xbox One and PS4 last year, but oddly skipped Nintendo’s hybrid. That oversight will be rectified later this year.

It sounds like the Switch version will just be the remaster as is, and that players shouldn’t expect many Switch specific features; that said, the core design of de Blob is so enduring that I don’t think it needs much added garnish or enhancements. Just the ability to play the game again, this time on the go, may be enough for many.

As of right now, there is no word on how much the game will cost (traditionally, THQ Nordic games cost more on Switch than they do on other systems, owing to higher cartridge costs), but if and when we find out, we will be sure to let you know.

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