Blizzard’s Unannounced Project Will Be A Brand New “Action Packed” First Person Game – Rumour

It was revealed some time ago that Blizzard was hiring employees for an unannounced project, and now we’ve been able to learn some new details about this. Based on some information given with the job listings, it looks like the game may be an “action packed” AAA first-person co-op game.

The information was found and shared a user on the Blizzard forum. According to the job descriptions of the positions Blizzard is looking to hire for, this new project will be a brand new game. Many positions require a passion for  “co-op games, RPGs and board games”, so it could really be anything at this point.

The development, it seems, is in the early stages, and the game will make use of “a robust first-person engine” and will offer a “a beautiful and visceral core combat experience”. Regarding the game’s visuals, all that is stated is that the game will have a “unique visual direction.” We also learn that the game will use motion capture systems for animation and will have Blizzard’s next generation of AI.

All in all, it certainly sounds interesting and hopefully we’ll get some official information soon. The bits about it being a first person action packed game with a unique visual style make it sounds a lot like Overwatch– could it possibly be a sequel? The “visceral core combat” part in particular suggests otherwise, maybe. What do you think this new project is going to be? Let us know in the comments.

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