Bandai Namco trademarks Mr. Driller Encore, Klonoa Encore, and other ‘Encore’ titles in Japan

Bandai Namco Entertainment filed trademarks for various new “Encore” titles in Japan on September 4. One of the trademarks—Mr. Driller Encore—also includes a logo.

Mr. Driller Encore

“Encore” is the subtitle Bandai Namco has given to two recent remasters. Katamari Damacy remaster Katamari Damacy Reroll, which launched for Switch and PC in December 2018, is titled Katamari Damacy Encore in Japan. And the recently announced Kotoba no Puzzle: Moji Pittan Encore for Switch, which is due out in spring 2020 in Japan, is based on the Wii title Kotoba no Puzzle: Moji Pittan Wii Deluxe.

The full list of new “Encore” title trademarks includes:

  • Genpei Touma Den Encore
  • Klonoa Encore
  • Mr. Driller Encore
  • Splatter House Encore
  • Wagyan Land Encore

Unrelated to the “Encore” trademarks, a trademark for “Rise of New Champions” was also filed by applicant Shueisha and representative Bandai Namco Entertainment, suggesting it might be the subtitle of an upcoming Jump property video game.

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