15 Amazing The Last of Us Secrets That Will Make Your Wait For The Last of Us Part 2 Easier

The Last of Us tells an incredibly poignant story, but it also references a lot of older Naughty Dog properties and other pieces of fiction. No matter what they reference, these secrets are clever and well implemented, making you want to dive back into the destroyed world of The Last of Us another time. Here are 15 fantastic The Last of Us secrets that make you want to replay the game right away.

Jak and Daxter piñatas

Crash Bandicoot may have put Naughty Dog on the map, but Jak and Daxter made them more of a household name. The quirky platforming duo changed drastically with each game, beginning as a colorful platformer, and ending as Mad Max inspired vehicular warriors. The cute piñatas immortalizing the characters in The Last of Us is a great nod to the characters that got the company started, at least those that Sony still owns the rights to.

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